Survey of IT/Tech Salaries in the English-speaking Caribbean

ICT Pulse is conducting a survey of IT/Tech salaries across the English-speaking Caribbean, and is looking for persons to participate in the exercise…

Hi All,

ICT Pulse needs your help…

From time to time, we provide a snapshot of the state of a number of ICT/tech indicators across the Caribbean. We are looking to expand the areas covered.

One of the topics that we are keen to address is IT/tech salaries across the Caribbean. For those of you who work in the field, please take a few minutes and complete our questionnaire on IT/tech salaries, which can be found at It should literally take no more than 3 minutes and is completely anonymous…

However, everyone, please forward the link for the survey to your tech friends and colleagues across the region, and encourage them to complete it as well.

We are hoping to publish the results in the early in the New Year, and are hoping for as much diversity as possible. Whatever assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


P.S. if you have any suggestions of other IT/tech surveys you would like us to conduct, please leave a comment below, or tell us via Facebook or Twitter

Image courtesy of Carol Browne, Flickr