Social media trends on Caribbean business

Presentation slides on “Social Media Trends on Caribbean Business” and proposed follow up activities. Avaya Evolutions 2012 in Jamaica on 1 March, Editor and Publisher of ICT Pulse, Michele Marius, gave a talk on “Social Media Trends on Caribbean Business”. During the talk, a copy of which is provided below, she:

  • provided a overview of social media and its use in the Caribbean context
  • discussed key ways in which social media is being used across the region
  • outlined some general observations emerging out of those trends, and to close
  • made a few projections of what we are likely to see in the future.


The talk was well received and seemed to have touched a nerve with some seminar attendees, who seemed to have been grappling with some of the issues discussed.

However, recognising that the presentation does not detail the points or issues discussed, consideration is being given to converting it to a report or e-book that would not only capture the talk, but also allow for a more fulsome discussion on social media trends in Caribbean business.  Would you be interested?


Image courtesy of AsianMedia, flickr