Have your say: shape the Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework

Feedback is invited on the draft Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework, which has been published by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union

034_CIGPF Draft Issue 2.0 cover (Source: CTU)The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is in the process of revising the Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework (CIGPF). It has made available for comment Draft Issue 2.0, in which the proposed amendments have been included in a marked-up format of Issue 1.0.

First published in 2009, the CIGPF aims to foster a common approach to Internet Governance in the Caribbean region, and is guided by the vision of  “A knowledge based Caribbean community with strong identity and leadership in the global information society” (Source: CTU). It is expected that regional governments, regulators, along with other stakeholders, will use the CIGPF as a reference or guide to facilitate the creation of similar policies and approaches across the region.

In the proposed Draft Issue 2.0, the policy framework has identified, and fleshes out in the document, the following six strategic areas for urgent Internet Governance policy development:

  • Infrastructure for broadband connectivity – where the focus will be on the use of a broad range of networks and devices that enable connectivity
  • Internet technical infrastructure and operations management – which focuses on the elements essential for efficient, stable and secure Internet operations, such as technical standards, addressing schemes, domain management systems and critical infrastructure
  • Legal frameworks and enforcement – a new entry that aims to highlight a wide cross-section of Internet and Internet-related issues for which legal structures and systems are necessary
  • Internet content development and management – which should address the creation, management, control and lawful use of the information over the Internet
  • Public awareness and capacity building – through which education and human resource development to manage and use Internet resources are addressed
  • Research – which would focus on the examination, measurement and reporting on the development and usage of Internet resources.

The draft revised CIGPF can be downloaded directly from the CTU website. Feedback on the proposal can be emailed directly to the CTU at CTU-CIGF@ctu.int. Alternatively, join our conversation here on ICT Pulse, and share your thoughts in our Comments section below. We will collate them and forward them to the CTU. To get you started, here are some questions to consider and answer:

  • Are the six priority areas identified the only ones that should be urgently addressed?
  • Are there any deficiencies in the document as drafted? Is anything missing?
  • Are the issues discussed and the recommendations made clear and unambiguous?
  • Have important connections (or synergies) been made between the priority areas, or the key issues, or the priority recommendations, to ensure a more holistic approach is adopted?

Looking forward to your comments!


Image credit:  CTU