Jun 20 2014

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Caribbean Perspectives on Internet Governance

A talk given on Internet Governance: why it is important, and why the Caribbean should participate in the on-going global discussions.

This past April, the South School on Internet Governance, in collaboration with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, held a four-day workshop in Trinidad and Tobago, with the objective of building Internet Governance (IG) capacity in the Caribbean. The tuition covered a broad range of topics, many of which we have discussed here on ICT Pulse, including the following:

  • security and cybercrime
  • privacy
  • IPv6
  • domain names registries, gTLDs and ccTLDs
  • telecoms regulation and internet governance, including network neutrality,

On the first day of he School, and as a precursor to the intensive discussions that would follow, I was invited to share some thoughts, Caribbean Perspectives on Internet Governance. The talk given (see presentation slides below) had two key objectives: to provide some insight on why IG is important, and to argue why IG should be important in the Caribbean.

With the ICANN 50 meeting scheduled next week, 22—26 June, the 10th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum, 6—8 August, and the Ninth Annual Internet Governance Forum Meeting, 2—5 September, there will be excellent opportunities to learn more about IG and to join the on-going discussions on a broad range of important topics. Note: remote participants are encouraged and welcomed at all of those meetings. The requisite details and instructions to join remotely would be on the event websites.


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