Top 5 free iPhone apps in the Caribbean

An update of the five most popular software applications for the Apple iPhone in the English-speaking Caribbean as of 18 September 2014.

In February 2014, we published our first review of the most downloaded free software applications (apps) for the Apple iPhone in the Caribbean. In this article, and over six months later, we update those findings.

Again, these apps would have been downloaded from the Apple Store, and the data collected was drawn from a number of sources, such as iOSappstats and App Annie. The highlighted apps have been presented in no particular order.

Facebook Messenger (Google Play)Facebook Messenger

Following Facebook separating the instant chat component from its original app, download of the Facebook Messenger app has increased considerably across the region over the past several weeks. In addition to a person’s Facebook friends, the app allows users to message persons in their phone book or any dialled number. Calls can also be made from within the app. When done via Wi-Fi they are free, alternatively, your provider’s mobile/cellular data rates would apply.


whatsApp logo (Source Apple)WhatsApp Messenger

Download of WhatApp Messenger is still quite popular in the Caribbean. There might even have been an upsurge in its take-up when mobile/cellular providers across the region blocked Viber, another widely used instant messaging/chat app. Like most instant chat apps, WhatsApp allows users to send video, images, and voice notes to persons within their network. However, unlike Facebook Messenger, or even Viber, WhatsApp does not have a voice chat feature, but it is still widely used and popular app.


facebook mobile app (Google Play)Facebook

Facebook is still one of the world’s largest social networks, with a reportedly 1.32 billion active monthly users as of June 30, 2014 (Source: Facebook). Though a somewhat pared down version of the website, the app still allows users to check their timelines and that of their friends; share updates, including photos and videos; and get notifications, among other things. Hence, for those for which Facebook is the social network of choice, this app will help them to stay connected whilst on the go.

Instagram app icon (Google Play)Instagram

With over 200 million users, according to Apple iTunes, Instagram has been gaining popularity across the Caribbean. The beauty and key selling point of this app, which is also a social networking platform, is its photo and video sharing features. Photos and videos can be shared via a user’s photo stream, or directly sent in posts to those in his/her network. Instagram also allows instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.


YouTYouTube app icon (Google Play)ube

YouTube, one of world’s leading video-sharing social network, which accounts for almost 20% of the global Internet download traffic (Source: CNET), has been experiencing an increasing number of downloads of its mobile/cellular app for the iPhone in the Caribbean. Though a no-frills app, users can watch videos; subscribe to channels, and share videos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and via email.



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