5 tech offering to help you cope with the chikungunya virus

Four apps and one device that could be useful during the throes of, but more so after, a serious illness such as chikungunya that is currently plaguing the Caribbean.

For those of us who live in the Caribbean, typically we know at least one person who has contracted the chikungunya virus. We might even have been one of the unfortunate ones to have gotten it ourselves! Though within a week the worse of the illness generally passes, it can take several weeks, or even months, before one is truly and fully recovered.

Further, from all reports, this outbreak of chikungunya is likely to persist well into 2015 (Source: Jamaica Observer). Below are a few tech offerings that could be considered, to help us all try to get through this epidemic in one piece.


Medscape (Source Google Play)Still not sure whether the symptoms you are experiencing are chikungunya-related, Medscape, and its corresponding app, is one of the leading references used by physicians, medical students and patients.

In addition to having a disease and condition reference, the app includes a drug reference, drug interaction checker, and medical calculators, among other features. More importantly, some of those resources can be accessed offline – when Internet access might not be available or possible.

Supported platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad, iPad mini, and Kindle Fire devices.

Price: free

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga (Source Google Play)Whilst on the road to recovery, or having safely recovered, there can be a marked loss of vitality, which might be exhibited as continued stiffness, lower energy levels, and fatigue. Exercise can be an important element in lifting that malaise.

Daily Yoga caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced abilities. It consists of over 50 yoga classes and 400 yoga poses. Classes range of 5 to 45 minutes thereby giving users choice and the likelihood of finding sessions that meet their needs and abilities.

Supported platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad, and iPad mini devices.

Price: Free

Anti Mosquitoes Ultra Pro

Anti Mosquitoes Ultra Pro App (Source Google Play)This app, similar to others on the market, works on the principle that mosquitoes, like other creatures are be repelled by sound. In the case of mosquitoes, they are allegedly more affected by frequency, specifically, ultrasonic frequencies (the 12—22 kHz range).

Anti Mosquitoes Ultra Pro runs in your device’s background, is environment friendly, and emits no chemicals, vapour, or odour. From the reviews, many swear by the app to kill mosquitoes, or at the very least keep them at bay. For Caribbean countries that are still experiencing a high prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever and chikungunya, this app might be a useful addition to your mosquito-destroying/management arsenal.

Supported platforms: Android

Price: Free

Samsung S Health app (Source Samsung)


S Health

When you are ready to take baby steps, or take your fitness to another level, the S Health app from Samsung would be an ideal partner on that journey.

Available on a wide cross section of Samsung Galaxy phones, S Health can be a powerful personal-health-management tool. Depending on the phone, it can track your health statistics, like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and weight, along with your exercise regimen, number of steps, nutrition, and even the associated environmental conditions where you are.

Supported platforms: Android

Price: Free



Bonus: Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_2 (Source Samsung)When you have finally reached a stage where you would like a watch that tells you more than just the time, the latest Samsung Gear S might tick all of your checkboxes. The Gear S can connect to your Samsung phone via Bluetooth®, but it can also have its own SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, and so operate as a standalone device. Hence if you want to go out for a run, you do not have to lug around with your phone. All of the main features of a phone can be accessed via this watch.

As a basic phone, the Gear S allows you to send and receive messages, emails and calls, access your music, photos, etc. From a health and fitness perspective, it has Samsung’s own S Health app, along with the Nike+ Running app, which can be useful when you are ready to get your strength back after a period of convalescence.


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