Top 10 articles of 2014

The top 10 most widely read articles published by ICT Pulse in 2014.
Of the 150 or so articles published on ICT Pulse so far for the year, below are the 10 most widely read 2014:

10. 5 critical questions to ask when preparing a business continuity plan

Though no one would argue that business continuity is not important, it is not a particularly sexy topic. However, as organisations become more connected and reliant upon technology, they also become even more susceptible to a broad range of vulnerabilities and disruptions. This post sought to give readers a starting point should they need to begin the process of developing a business continuity plan.

9. Will Jamaica ever achieve number portability?

Over the past few years we have been producing regular updates on that status of number portability across the Caribbean, and implementation of this facility has been “imminent” in Jamaica for a number of years. At the time of publishing this article, yet another delay in launching number portability had been announced, and a revised date of May 2015 again committed.

8. 4 takeaways from Digicel’s anticipated entry into the cable TV market

Over the past several months, well known mobile/cellular service provider, Digicel, had been acquiring a number of cable/subscriber TV operations across the Caribbean, the largest of which was International Media Content Limited, the parent company Sportsmax, and North American broadcaster, CEEN-TV. This post outlined four things we could learn from what appeared to be a changing strategy by Digicel.

7. 8 new and emerging Caribbean apps

At the launch of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme (CMIP) in Jamaica by infoDev, an office of the World Bank, eight new and emerging mobile/cellular software applications (apps) developed by Caribbean teams were showcased at the event. In this post, we featured all eight apps. Some of them were award winning, whilst others were available for public download, or at the time were still in beta testing.

6. Snapshot: actual Internet upload and download speeds from across the Caribbean 2014

Over the past three years, since ICT Pulse was launched, we have been examining residential Internet plans and their corresponding prices across the Caribbean. This year, and with is post, we launched a new Snapshot series, in which we explored what might be actual (real life) upload and download speeds across the region, and compare the results with global averages.

5. Snapshot: Facebook membership trends 2014 update

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, and hence an important platform for businesses to access and engage both existing and potential customers. In the third iteration of this Snapshot series, we presented our findings on Facebook membership in 24 countries across the region, which included French and Dutch speaking countries. We also compared our 2014 results with those presented last year.

4. A case of mixed signals? Blocking VoIP in the Caribbean

This past June, mobile/cellular customers across the Caribbean noted that their service providers, most notably Digicel and LIME had been blocking applications and services on their networks that used Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In this post, we discussed the justifications made by the telecoms companies for blocking those services, and also some of the broader issues in relation to telecoms and Internet technology trends.

3. Snapshot: actual Internet download speeds from across the Caribbean, September 2014

Using the baseline we established in the May 2014 launch of this new metric for future comparison, we split the exercise in two. In this article, we provided updated findings on actual Internet download speeds from 23 countries across the region. Thereafter, we compared those results with those that had been collected in May.

2. 7 apps to help manage your goals and resolutions in 2014

To help everyone get 2014 off to a great start, we showcased seven mobile/cellular software applications to help readers be better organised, and hopefully keep the resolutions and goals that they had just made at the very beginning of the year.

1. Snapshot: 2014 update of Internet speeds and pricing across the Caribbean

The Snapshot series in which we present Internet speeds and pricings from across the region has been a perennial favourite since it was introduced in 2011. In this article we examined residential Internet plans across the region, especially in relation to advertised speed and prices, and thereafter compared this year’s results with those collected in 2014. This article was our most visited and shared page, with 347 Facebook likes, 42 LinkedIn likes, and 38 tweets.


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