4 apps and websites to help you make the best of 2015

While you are still in the process setting goals and resolutions, here are seven apps and websites that might help develop new skills, get you more organized, keep you on track, and track your success in 2015.

We are now at the tail end of the first week of January 2015, and for many of us, we are still feeling optimistic about what this year will offer, and what we can accomplish. In order keep your goals top of mind (we are keeping you honest!) and help you self-actualise, we suggest four software applications that you might have even better success in realising your goals in 2015.


Evernote logo (Google Play)Although virtually all of today computer devices come with a built-in note taking application, they tend to be basic at best. One of our perennial favourites, Evernote, is an award-winning app that helps users to stay organized, save ideas and improve productivity, by allowing users to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable. Users can also sync their notes across a broad range of devices; save, sync and share files; scan business cards; organise notes by notebooks and tags; digitize documents and Post-it Notes; and share notes with others via popular social networks.

Supported platforms: Android; BlackBerry; iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch); Windows Phone; Web OS; Mac OS X; Windows Desktop; Windows 8

Price: Free; USD 5.00 per month (premium version); USD 10.00 per month per user (business version)

43Things (Source Apple)


43Things is another popular goal tracking app. It helps users not only to set goals, but they do so in community, which currently hover over three million. Users are limited to 43 entries (hence the name), which can be a combination of short term and bucket list goals. Users can track their progress and share them with the 43Things community, who can offer support and cheer them on.

Supported platforms:  iOS

Price: Free


Lose It!

Lose It app logo (Google Play)New Year, new (sized) you! For those of us who overindulged over the Christmas, and want to become more disciplined about their physical health and nutrition, Lose It! , a well-designed and comprehensive calorie tracker helps us make better food choices this year. It includes category-based goal-making, a food barcode scanner, a mammoth backend database that includes “thousands of restaurant, grocery store, and brand-name foods all researched and validated by the Lose It! Team”(Source: Google Play), customizable challenges, and optional social links for peer support.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle, web.

Price: Free; USD 39.99 per year (premium version)


Livifi app (Quora)Livifi

Looking to become the better you all round? Livifi allows you set over 40 goals for your body, mind and relationships, and provides advice and recommendations on how each goal can be accomplished. The goals range for seemingly simple and straightforward issues, such as staying hydrated and setting daily goals, to practicing mindfulness and listening skilfully. The app also helps users to structure their selected goals and track your progress.

Supported platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPod Touch)

Price: USD 4.99


Image credits: Stuart Miles (FreeDigitalPhotos.net); Google PlayApple iTunesGoogle Play;  Quora