Top 10 articles of 2015

The top 10 most widely read articles published by ICT Pulse in 2015.

Of the nearly 140 articles published on ICT Pulse so far for the year, below are the 10 most widely read in 2015:

10.  Snapshot: 2015 update of ICT network readiness in the Caribbean

We have been reporting consistently on the World Economic Forum’s ICT readiness assessment for at least the last four years, and so have been able to help our readers track the progress being made (or not) by the Caribbean countries included in the exercise. The Global Information Technology Report gives a comprehensive account of a country’s results across over 50 indicators. Hence it is a useful tool to countries to help them have a more wholistic view of the extent to which they have been leveraging ICT for enhanced competitiveness.

9.  Early thoughts: the loss of US TV channels in Caribbean

Although it may have first come to light in Jamaica, most countries across the region have been experiencing, and will continue to experience, some changes in their subscriber cable channel lineup. With the recent sale of Columbus International (first owner of the brand, Flow), to Cable & Wireless Communications, a far-reaching shake-up of the Caribbean’s telecoms and ICT landscape could not be avoided.   However, and perhaps more importantly, United States television content creators, with the support of their government, have been cracking down on what they consider unauthorised access to their content. The result, the loss of some coveted television channels in the region.

8.  Early thoughts: proposed takeover of Cable & Wireless by Liberty Global

No sooner had we been able to begin to wrap our heads around the merger between Columbus International to Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) – Flow and LIME to the layman – an announcement was made in October that CWC and Liberty Global were in negotiations for a takeover. Although Liberty Global, and its Chairman, John Malone, are well known internationally, they have a minute presence in the region. No doubt, consumers may be uncertain as how the telecoms/ICT landscape will again change, and more personally, how  their telecoms/ICT experience, and their pocket will be affected.

7.  A quick look: Jamaica’s new cybersecurity strategy

Having been embarrassed by a string of network breaches, in early 2015, the Government of Jamaica finally published a National Cyber Security Strategy. The strategy is relatively simple and straightforward, and the four strategic objectives are outlined.

6.  Where the jobs are: the most in demand ICT/tech skills 2015

Using surveys conducted by MSN Money, Forbes and Glassdoor, we first compiled a list of the 25 highest paying jobs in the US. Although the highest paying position was that of Physician, around half of the positions on the list were ICT/tech-related. Further, when we examined the most employable degrees – the most in demand skills – ICT/tech-related degrees, such as Computer Programming (Specific Applications), Network and System Administration, Information Technology, and Computer Software Technology, dominated the pack.

5.  Pros and cons of allowing mobile/cell phones in schools

Over the past several months, schools across the Caribbean, especially in Barbados, have debated whether to allow students to carry mobile/cellular phones to school. In the heat of the debate, we decided to jump into the fray – by highlighting some pro and cons of allowing mobile/cellular phone use in schools – but did not choose a side.

4.  Moving up the value chain: how Trinidad and Tobago has positioned itself for BPO

Offshore outsourcing, and specifically Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), has become increasingly popular with Caribbean policymakers, as it is being seen as an important way of driving economic growth and job creation. Guest contributor, Loren Moss, examined the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, its strengths as an offshore outsourcing location, and how it has been positioned itself to ensure it gets a slice of the BPO pie.

3.  Snapshot: update of actual Internet download speeds from across the Caribbean, March 2015

Launched in May 2014, this Snapshot was our third installment of what was becoming a popular series. Download speeds for twenty-seven countries across the Caribbean, including some from Dutch and French colonies, were examined, and compared with the results recorded in the September 2014 exercise..

2.  Snapshot: 2015 update of Internet speeds and pricing across the Caribbean

This is our fifth year of examining broadband Internet download speeds and pricing across the Caribbean, and consistently, it has been a popular series among our readers. Nineteen countries were surveyed, using data published on Internet Service Provider websites, and results, as at 3 June 2015, we compared with those recorded in May 2014.

1.  Snapshot: update of actual Internet download speeds from across the Caribbean, June 2015

Surprisingly, our last update of household download speeds was our most popular article in 2015. We were able to examine speeds for twenty-eight countries, and were beginning to see signs that download speeds may be improving in the Caribbean; however further monitoring would be necessary to confirm that trend.


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