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We are requesting your input and feedback in ICT Pulse, as we review and possibly chart our future.

Can you believe it! This past January, ICT Pulse turned six!

Since our first article on 13 January 2011, we have published over 900 articles, and have touched on virtually every major ICT and telecoms issue that has occurred in the Caribbean, or would have an impact on the regional landscape. We also developed and have maintained  regular series that themselves have developed a loyal readership, such as our Roundup, which is published weekly on Mondays, and our Snapshot series, through which we have been tracking the changes and improvements that have occurred in the region.

However, with six years under our belt, we think ICT Pulse could do with some freshening up.

In a few weeks, we hope to start to change the look and feel of the site: it has not changed since 2011! However, we also think it is opportune to revisit what we have doing, and how ICT Pulse can be more relevant to you and your needs.

We therefore invite you to complete the short survey below, which should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please answer all of the questions.


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  • Hi Michele

    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary. I try to read the blog as often as I can. But whenever i do, I try to skim most of the articles time permitting.

    However, although I now live in the UK, (having spent my adolescenthe years in Dominica, I maintain that this blog is singularly one of the most invaluable resources available to the Caribbean IT professional or student.

    I myself began post graduate studies in November working towards a MSc in Technology Management and regard ICT PULSE as a one of my must-read extra curiculum activities that keeps me abreast of the situation in the Caribbean as pertains to information technology sector in the region.

    Keep up the excellent work


    Albert Williams BSc (Hons) Comp & IT (Open), MBCS

  • ICT-Pulse is very good and useful. I am not particularly in the tech environment, but use technology regularly ( as we all do ); and also, more importantly, the range of topics often touch almost every area of the business world.

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