Introducing Project Calls: an easier way to search for Caribbean project opportunities

Project Calls is making it easier to find consulting, contracting and service projects in the Caribbean.

As organisations today continue to streamline their operations in order to manage costs and improve efficiency, increasingly they are divesting themselves of non-essential functions and material until they are absolutely needed. Thanks to such practices, the Caribbean now has a multitude of independent contractors, consultants and service providers, who are ready, willing and able to provide the required goods and services

However, similar to most other areas in Caribbean business, a major stumbling block exists: the absence of information. Frequently, those looking for short-term projects are not aware of the opportunities that exist – unless they see them being advertised in the local newspapers, or are otherwise alerted to them, such as by a friend or associate.

For those who are prepared to search for them, it can be time consuming, and it is an activity that might need to be done several times a week. Writing a good proposal or quotation takes time, and frequently a short time frame (less than week) is given to respond. Furthermore, for individuals or firms that are open to working across the region, the challenge of searching for project opportunities is multiplied. Ultimately, many hours can be spent searching for requests for proposals, requests for expressions of interest, etc., instead of more productive (and hopefully paying) work.

Introducing Project Calls

To address this problem, the parent company of ICT Pulse, ICT Pulse Consulting Limited, has launched Project Calls. At its core, Project Calls, provides a comprehensive listing of short-term project opportunities in the Caribbean for the independent consultant, contractor and service provider. Articles providing useful information and insights, along with new features and capabilities, will come on stream in the weeks and months ahead.

Currently, we offer three subscription plans:

  • a free basic plan;
  • a limited access plan, at USD 20 for 30 days; and
  • a full access plan, at USD 199 per year, which has been discounted to USD 159 per year, until 28 February 2017.

More information on each of the plans can be found on our website.

Project Calls was in beta testing for well over a year. Here are a few of our findings:

  1. Dozens of project opportunities are released each week. Typically, we publish between 30 and 50 new opportunities per week!
  2. At least a half of the opportunities found are donor funded – which can be quite lucrative for the successful bidders.
  3. It is not only regional residents that are interested in Caribbean projects. There is considerable interest from individuals outside the region, especially in North America, and from established firms.

In a nutshell, the Caribbean is brimming with projects. The trick is to be aware of them, in order to decide whether to bid on them. Do visit the Project Calls website to see how can help.


Image credit:  Pixabay