Our website revamp is underway!

A short progress report on our plans to update ICT Pulse
In our 3 February 2017 post, we highlighted that we will be changing the look and feel of ICT Pulse, which has been the same since we launched in January 2011. This is just a short note to say that we will be updating the site next week, and hope to do so with minimal disruption.

Hence come next week Monday, 3 April, our weekly news Roundup will be published as per usual, but during the course of that week, we are hoping by Wednesday, the main changes will be completed, and made public. However, thereafter, we anticipate needing to make some tweaks, so please bear with us…

Finally, we must say a big thank you to those who participated in our 3 February survey. The views and suggestions shared will be influencing how we go forward, and should soon be reflected in the content we produce.

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support.


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