4 useful tools to manage teleworking teams

To improve your employees’ work-life balance, and improve staff morale. it may be necessary to allow them to work remotely. Here we highlight a few software applications that can get you started.


Although Caribbean businesses might want to resist it, remote working (also known as teleworking) is increasingly becoming an accepted option in the workplace. In addition to salespeople and those who are required to be on the road for work, for the office-bound employee who occasionally needs to work from home, they can still be connected to the office and get their work done.

However, for teleworking to truly be viable, the organisation ought to implement structures that support it. Below, are four applications that could be useful in that regard.



Trello is a web-based project management that facilitates collaboration among teams. It uses cards to organize tasks, which in turn can be ordered into lists and organized on a dashboard. Additionally, you can invited people to collaborate and assign tasks,, customize workflows for different projects, add checklists of “To-Dos” on cards, leave comments on items, and upload photos, videos and files.

Desktop: Web-based

Mobile platforms:  iOS, Android

Price:  Free



Slack is a popular internal communication tool that establishes a shared work space through which teams can be kept connected. In addition to message or call any person or group within your team, Slack allows you to share and edit documents. It also easily integrates other workflow tools you might be using, such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, to name a few, thus facilitating a more cohesive and effective work environment.

Desktop: Web-based

Mobile platforms:  iOS, Android

Price:  Free;  Standard plan USD 80.00 per annum per user;  Standard-plus plan USD 180 per annum per user



One of the unspoken challenges of managing individuals or teams that work remotely is being able – in some way – to track the time they actually spend working. Sesame can help on this front, as it is especially useful when flexi-time is allowed. In addition to being web-based, the mobile version of the app has geolocation capabilities thereby allowing employees to record their hours on the go. Through the access the control panel, the HR team can (among other things) to access statistics and reports, manage holidays requests, and communicate directly with employees through the built-in messaging system.

Desktop: Web-based

Mobile platforms:  iOS, Android

Price:  Starting from € 99 per year annual for 5 employees



Need to put on a webinar, or a similar online meeting? ClickMeeting has tools and features to help you before, during, and after the webinar. Through the app, and among other things, you can customize your webinar room, customize invitations, and set up a registration page. During the event, some of the features available include, having a whiteboard, screen sharing, administering polls and surveys, and having moderated and private chats. Post-event, you can redirect participants to a thank you page, but also, access statistics along with a recording of the webinar for further analysis and your records.

Desktop Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: ranging from USD 25 to USD 145/month based on maximum number of attendees, up to 500 attendees, and special quotes available for 500-plus groups.


Image credit:  Pixabay (Pexels);  TrelloEmerging Ed TechSesamePRWeb