MM_July 2011Hi, I am Michele Marius and I have created ICT Pulse to discuss Information and Communications Technology (ICT) issues from a Caribbean perspective.  My interest in this subject emerges from my decade-plus experience in telecommunications ICT policy, regulation. contracting and consulting, which has been developed in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Having returned to the Caribbean in 2010, and borne out of my own personal experience, I have observed that it can be quite challenging to appreciate the impact of key developments occurring in the ICT space, even if you work in industry. Through this blog I hope to draw attention to pertinent and topical ICT issues, and more importantly to give some insight on how those issues might affect us here in the region.

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  • Hello,

    I’m a Senior Policy Advisor at the Telecommunications Policy Branch at the Department of Industry of Canada. I represent Canada at several international telecommunication organizations, i.e. ITU, CITEL, ITSO and have attended several CTU and CANTO meetings and conferences.

    Wanted to congratulate you on your blog.

    Best regards

    Santiago Reyes-Borda

  • Hi,
    Great to see this website. I am a Caribbean Student studying in the UK. My area of Focus is Digital forensics. I have actually drafted a paper looking at the state of digital crimes and information security and the laws in place to govern these in the Caribbean. It would be nice to communicate with you.
    I am actually happy to see the current contents of you site and to that these are being addressed.
    Thank you
    Great work

  • I would like to thank you so very much for taking this initiative. Without you I probably would not have found a Caribbean source for my Communication Studies Speech. Again I thank you.

  • I just stumbled on this site through your article on the Blackberry maintaining it’s foothold in the Caribbean. I am very encouraged to see such an initiative online, and with such frequent updates! As a recent Software Engineering graduate in Canada I have come to appreciate the need for networking in our field and hopefully this site can help facilitate that.

    Any plans for a forum in the future?

  • Hello Michele,

    Glad to see that your site is still active and being regularly updated! This is an excellent initiative, Keep up the good work!


  • Hi Michele,

    I remember e-meeting you earlier this year during one of Diplo’s courses. Congratulations on this initiative you have set up – it is certainly one of many tools required in the Caribbean for IG.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Kevon,

      I am glad you found me on ICT Pulse! Thanks for your kind words, re this blog, and do come back regularly to check out our new posts. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via email or RSS subscription, and to encourage others to follow/support ICT Pulse…

      Btw, do you have any suggestions for topics we could discuss?

      Best wishes for the coming season and for 2012!

  • Hi Michele,
    is there any data accessible on the prevalence of cyber crimes in the Caribbean. I know there are some estimates in your current article (Which I must add is very interesting) but do you have any idea where I could access some concrete stuff. Liking your blog and hope to be able to contribute soon. I also follow you on twitter. Are you on Google plus.


    • Hi Moni,

      I really don’t think there is much publicly available data, but I will be looking into this more closely…

      However, as Niel indicated, organisations are not eager to publicise when their networks might have been breached. When this is coupled with the fact that very few, if any, Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) have been established in the region, the resources to keep track of threats and offer support is virtually non-existent.

      And yes, I am on Google Plus…

      • Hey ya,
        What countries in the region have CERTS? I think that CARICOM should probably get one established. (I should voliunteer). I think that organisations would be more willing to release the data to an organised/established group than to the media which one can understand. They would then know that their data will be used to enhance the system not just to chastise them. Thanks for this blog I showed it off earlier – “Look this is a Caribbean based ICT blog”


  • Good day Michelle,

    I must commend you on developing this blog. Note I will be sending my information with respect to becoming a guest contributor.

    My website also has a blog that focuses on educating the public on ICT areas, but it is specific to Trinidad.

    Great work and I will be most happy to be part of this.

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