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Jan 25 2013

What would you do if cellphone unlocking were illegal?

This post explores a currently hypothetical situation in the Caribbean: what would you do if the unlocking mobile/cellular phones were illegal? This past Wednesday, TechNewDaily, reported that after 26 January 2013, the unblocking of mobile/cellular phones would become illegal in the United States. The post was picked up by a number of reputable online publications, …

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Dec 07 2012

8 ways to protect your smartphone from malware


The final instalment in our two-part series proposes eight ways users can protect their smartphones from malware. In our last post, the first of a two-part series, A hidden threat: smartphone malware, we introduced the concept of malware on smartphones. We highlighted the results of recent reports on mobile threats and emerging trends worldwide; discussed the …

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Dec 05 2012

A hidden threat: smartphone malware


The first of two-part series discussing malware on smartphones. With the still growing importance of smartphones to both our personal and professional lives, it is crucial that we, as device owners and users, manage the ways in which they can malfunction and disrupt our lives. One of the ways we frequently overlook is the fact that smartphones are …

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