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Jun 13 2014

8 new and emerging Caribbean apps

Brief profiles of eight software applications showcased at the launch of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme on 10 June 2014. On Tuesday, 10 June, the World Bank’s infoDev team launched the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme (CMIP) in Kingston, Jamaica. The programme, which is part of the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC), seeks …

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May 30 2014

5 password managers to help you remember what you cannot afford to forget

A quick review of five popular and useful password management software currently on the market. How many accounts do you have for which a password is required for successful access, or to complete a transaction? By the time you have truly finished counting, you are likely to have closer 50 than 15 when you factor …

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May 23 2014

How open is the Caribbean to FOSS, Open Data and Open Standards?

Last year, UNESCO commissioned a comprehensive situation review of FOSS, Open Data and Open Standards across 17 countries in the Caribbean. The final report has been made publicly available. Today’s technology, especially ICT, has been breaking down traditionally held barriers and norms, and to varying degrees, it has been ushering in an environment of greater …

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Feb 28 2014

3 tips to achieve a disruptive innovation

Most tech entrepreneurs and innovators would love to have a disruptive innovation, but there is no precise path to that goal. This post outlines the term and suggests three tips that could lead to a disruptive innovation. “Disruptive innovation”, a seemingly oxymoron phrase, is much valued in the tech industry as a category of game-changing …

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Feb 21 2014

Smoke and signals: some initial thoughts on Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApps

Facebook’s offer price for WhatsApp, USD 19 million, has been the source of considerable excitement and debate. We jump into the fray with some early thoughts on possible signals and reservations of which tech and app developer communities worldwide should be mindful. On Wednesday, 19 February, shockwaves went through the global tech community by an announcement that …

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