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Jan 25 2013

What would you do if cellphone unlocking were illegal?

This post explores a currently hypothetical situation in the Caribbean: what would you do if the unlocking mobile/cellular phones were illegal? This past Wednesday, TechNewDaily, reported that after 26 January 2013, the unblocking of mobile/cellular phones would become illegal in the United States. The post was picked up by a number of reputable online publications, …

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Jan 02 2013

6 ICT/tech trends we are likely to see in Caribbean in 2013

We predict six ICT/tech developments expected in the Caribbean in 2013. There were a number of tech/ICT issues that had us talking and elicited considerable reaction in 2012, Examples include the significant mobile/cellular rate reductions in Jamaica; the entry of Karib Cable and Flow into the Barbados telecoms market; and the launch of the Huawei …

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Dec 28 2012

How well did we do with our predictions for 2012?

We are reviewing our predictions of what we believed might have been some of the big tech/ICT stories of 2012. In our first post for 2012, we highlighted what we believe might be important issues during the year: see 10 topics that will be in the news in 2012. Here, we review those predictions to …

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Oct 10 2012

4 ways in which mobile devices are changing our personal and professional lives

Mobile and portable devices are redefining the way we live and work. This post discusses four ways in which this is happening. One of the words from our general lexicon that is being redefined for the tech and business spaces is “mobility’, thanks to the explosion of mobile/cellular phones and tablet computers in today’s market. …

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Jul 20 2012

Considering BYOD in the workplace? What you should know

Many organisations, especially in the Caribbean, have informal Bring-Your-Own-Device arrangements. Although there may be cost saving benefits to such arrangements, there are a number of far-reaching consequences that should be considered. Historically, an individual’s first exposure to IT was either in the work place or at school (university or college). The equipment was expensive, and …

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