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Apr 20 2016

5 ways we can decrease our paper consumption and save our planet

Although we are supposedly living more digital lives, paper consumption globally has been increasing. Here are five ways we use less paper in our work lives. In today’s society, many of us pride ourselves on our ability to conduct a significant portion of our personal and professional lives electronically. Arguably, such a feat is consistent …

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Sep 04 2015

Telecoms in the face of a disaster

A discussion on the vulnerable nature of telecoms service when it might be needed most. Those who regular track happenings in the Caribbean would be aware that Dominica (that is the Commonwealth of Dominica, as opposed to the Dominican Republic) was devastated by Tropical Storm Erika which hit the island last week. Tropical Storms are …

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Apr 24 2015

3 environmentally-friendly practices we can adopt in 2015

In commemoration of Earth Day 2015, here are three areas where we can develop more environmentally-friendly behaviour. Earth Day was celebrated this past Wednesday, 22 April, and is a time to reflect and promote our global, and local, environment. Currently, there are numerous environment-related issues vying for attention, such as carbon emissions, global warming, climate …

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Apr 23 2014

6 ways to foster greener offices

Yesterday, 22 April, was Earth Day. Although there would have been a range of activities to mark that occasion, this post shares six ways to make a more lasting commitment to greening the workplace. Earth Day, which was celebrated yesterday, 22 April, is a time when greater attention is paid to the impact of humans …

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Jan 15 2014

Digital media in times of disaster

An overview of the importance and impact of digital and social media in facilitating response efforts during times of crisis and disaster. Sunday, 12 January, marked the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. The quake, which was of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale, had its epicentre just outside of the capital Port-au-Prince, …

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