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Jul 31 2013

What is the big deal about e-waste?

A discussion on electronic waste (e-waste): its importance; projects that are being launched in the Caribbean; and the potential lucrativeness of the industry. Did you know that: – 80—85% of electronic products were discarded in landfills or incinerators, which can release certain toxics into the air? 20—50 million metric tonnes of e-waste are disposed worldwide …

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Apr 26 2013

5 reasons why tech companies have not embraced green ICT

Although greenhouse gas emissions from ICT is considerably less than that of other industries, current levels could double by 2020. Here are five reasons why tech companies have not yet embraced green ICT. Earlier this week, 22 April 2013 to be exact, Earth Day was celebrated. Earth Day, which was first held in 1970, is …

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Jul 06 2012

5 important practices to ensure your electronic data survives a disaster


We are just over a month into the 2012 hurricane season, but have you or your organisation established an IT disaster management and recovery plan? Without exception, our homes and workplaces can be subject to disasters, be they manmade or natural.  This being 6 July, the Caribbean is well into the 2012 hurricane season, which …

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Apr 20 2012

8 energy saving tips for your portable devices


In time for Earth Day this weekend, here are 8 energy saving tips your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Sunday, 22 April is Earth Day; a day when we are supposed to appreciate and increase awareness of the Earth’s natural environment. Recognizing the impact of computing devices on the environment, particularly carbon emissions, and in our …

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Apr 11 2012

Switching over to digital TV: what you need to know


The “digital switchover” is not a widely discussed topic in the Caribbean region. Most countries have not yet announced dates for beginning the transition, but there are important international deadlines that are fast approaching. In Monday’s news roundup, one of the articles indicated that submissions were being made to the Jamaican government to approve 2015 as …

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