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Feb 03 2016

4 challenges, opportunities and trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A discussion of some of the challenges, opportunities and trends anticipated during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which we are currently experiencing. Whether you realise it or not, we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0. The First Industrial Revolution occurred in the late 1700s when steam and water power were harnessed …

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Dec 09 2015

Snapshot: 2015 update of the status of ICT development in the Caribbean

An update of how well Caribbean countries performed on the latest ICT Development Index published by the International Telecommunications Union. Last week, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) published its Measuring the Information Society Report 2015 in which it highlights key ICT developments worldwide and tracks the cost and affordability of ICT services.  The report also …

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Oct 30 2015

Quick look: the new sustainable development goals and ICTs

Sustainable Development Goals graphic (Impact 2030)

An overview of the recently and globally adopted sustainable development goals, all of which will need ICT as a key catalyst. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), virtually everyone has heard about them and know what they are. Established in 2000, the MDGs were a formal commitment given by (at the time) all 189 United Nations (UN) member …

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Oct 16 2015

Is technology making wealth distribution more equitable?

Some initial thoughts based on views by Stephen Hawking in a recently conducted Reddit Q&A. With the relentless evolution of ICT in recent years, there has been an expectation that technology can foster wealth creation – both for individual citizens and for countries. In this new age of technology, the large corporates no longer fully …

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Sep 30 2015

Snapshot: 2015 update on the state of broadband Internet in the Caribbean

An update on the performance of select Caribbean countries against the broadband Internet targets set by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. Last week, we summarised the latest findings of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development on the global state of broadband Internet, based on the State of Broadband 2015 report published. Today, we highlight …

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