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May 20 2016

ICT entrepreneurship for social impact

In recognition of  World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, a brief discussion on designing businesses that have have social impact, which focus on Sustainable Development Goals. At the best of times, starting a successful business is fraught with challenges. Creating a social enterprise, which at the very least is self-sustaining, is considerably difficult. However, to …

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May 06 2016

3 country considerations when trying to get more local content online

Many Caribbean countries would like their citizens to make more local content available on the Internet. However, what does that mean, and what could be a first step to achieve that goal? From time to time, politicians and policymakers across the region call for more local content to be created and made available online. Those …

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May 04 2016

What would it take for more e-government projects to be implemented regionally?

An overview the study, Regional approaches to e-government initiatives in the Caribbean, published by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Although it has been known for several years, incorporating ICT into government processes, and to facilitate the engagement and the delivery of services between government and its stakeholders, can greatly improve transparency, …

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Apr 08 2016

3 major trends that will transform our telecom/ICT landscape in the near future

An overview of three telecoms and ICT trends that are likely to eventuate in the medium term, as recently reported by the International Telecommunications Union. Earlier this week, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) announced the release of the latest edition of its annual global ICT regulatory report, Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2016. This report examines …

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Mar 11 2016

Can the Caribbean truly compete with the world leaders in telecoms and ICT?

Caribbean countries want to be the best, especially in telecoms and ICT, but do they truly have the wherewithal, or the desire, to do so? As Caribbean countries have become more aware of their place in the world, and interested in how they measure up across a broad range of performance indicators, increasingly there is …

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