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Jul 01 2016

5 reasons why a Caribbean digital marketplace might be a good thing

Following from a suggestion by ECLAC, five benefits of having a Caribbean digital marketplace are discussed Last week, at the fourth Latin American Telecommunications Congress in Mexico, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) called for the creation of a regional digital market. ECLAC was of the view that its …

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Jun 03 2016

4 takeaways from the drama that is Yahoo!

Yahoo! is regularly in the news as the business community for what seems to be a series of missteps by the firm. Here are four things we can learn from what has transpired to date For anyone who follows tech developments outside of the Caribbean, the firm, Yahoo Inc. (Yahoo!), is regularly in the news. …

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Apr 27 2016

Snapshot: how innovative were Caribbean countries in 2015?

An examination of the 2015 Global Innovation Index and how the Caribbean countries included in that exercise performed. Quite regularly, concern has been expressed in a variety of quarters about what is perceived as the lack of innovation across the Caribbean, and the need for it to be improved.  Last year, collaboration between INSEAD, Cornell …

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Feb 17 2016

3 trends Caribbean businesses, especially tech, should adopt in 2016

A discussion of three business and customer trends that could make Caribbean MSMEs more productive and their business models more robust. With the euphoria of the New Year behind us, and many of us, in our own way, have adopted the desire to make the most of 2016. For businesses across the Caribbean, our economies are …

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Jan 27 2016

Artificial intelligence in the real world

A brief discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) with some examples of activities that use some aspects of AI that we might not have realised. This week, most major publications reported the death of artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, Marvin Minsky, who died on 24 January at the age of 88. In a nutshell – and without …

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