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Aug 10 2012

Protecting your Intellectual Property in the Caribbean


Have a great idea? How do you protect it? Here are five considerations when embarking on or exploring Intellectual Property protection. Consider this: Your latest creation promises to be the best thing since sliced bread. You know it is valuable, but you are nervous that it could be stolen… This is scenario that gets played …

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Aug 01 2012

Snapshot 2012 update: how innovative are we in the Caribbean?

A 2012 update of innovation in the Caribbean. In recent months, there has been a growing focus across the region on innovation, especially in the ICT/IT space. One of the most obvious demonstrations of this has been the frequent application (app) and coding competitions that have been occurring, through which essentially, the Caribbean appears to …

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Apr 27 2012

Can a mutually beneficial relationship exist between IP and IT?


This post discusses some of the tensions that exist between the increasing effort to enforce Intellectual Property Rights and the impact of the Internet. Traditionally, Intellectual Property was only considered in the context of select fields, such as images, writing, music and inventions.  However, in recent years, technology, and specifically the Internet, has been changing …

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Apr 13 2012

Have a great idea for a book? Publish it!


This post discusses the e-book: its pros and cons when compared with conventional paper books; and a few of the bigger issues associated with this fast growing medium. On the odd occasion many of us fantasise about writing “a book”. It might be to finally flesh out that great idea for a novel we have …

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Feb 29 2012

Should you be concerned about Google’s new privacy policy?

Without a doubt, we will all be affected by the proposed changes in Google’s privacy policy. This post examines the policy and highlights some of the concerns that have been raised and should be considered. Well over a month ago, Google announced that it would be amending its Privacy Policy and its Terms of Service, …

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