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Feb 27 2015

A critical victory? Implications of the latest net neutrality ruling

We outline yesterday’s FCC ruling on net neutrality, and briefly discuss its implications. The debate on net neutrality has been protracted and acrimonious. The topic was among our earliest posts when we launched ICT Pulse, in January 2011, and it has not yet been resolved. The United States of America (US) has been the most …

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Feb 11 2015

A quick look: Jamaica’s new cybersecurity strategy

A brief examination of Jamaica’s new National Cyber Security Strategy. Over the past 3 years or so, the Government of Jamaica has been embarrassed by a number of cybersecurity breaches that have occurred across its ministries, departments and agencies, which ranged from simple website defacement, to the theft of data from key institutions. Though there …

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Feb 04 2015

Can the Internet in the Caribbean regulated?

A discussion of the recently launched consultation in the British Virgin Islands to ultimately introduce quality of service obligations for fixed broadband Internet. In our latest ICT/tech news roundup published earlier this week, there was an article from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) titled, “Broadband complaints prompt TRC action”. The article reported that the BVI …

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Dec 05 2014

e-Government efforts across the Caribbean

For a class at the University of the West Indies, a discussion of e-government and recent e-government initiatives from across the Caribbean. In mid-October, and for a talk on e-government with graduate students at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica, the following presentation was delivered on e-government across the Caribbean. The presentation focussed on three …

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Nov 12 2014

What will the ICT world look like by 2020?

The Connect 2020 Agenda outlines a broad range of goals and targets that countries worldwide have committed to achieve by 2020. Will the Caribbean succeed in meeting those goals? At an International Telecommunications Union conference last week, meeting participants unanimously adopted the ‘Connect 2020 Agenda for Global Telecommunication/ICT Development’. The Agenda outlines the shared vision, …

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