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Feb 10 2012

6 tips to make the most of your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site worldwide, but the majority of its members have not developed their presence on the site sufficiently in order to capitalise on benefits LinkedIn has to offer. This post offers 6 tips members can use to improve their standing on LinkedIn. In a press release issued yesterday, LinkedIn, …

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Jun 24 2011

Social media and our changing Internet experience

Social media has become increasingly essential to our online experience. It is also having a significant impact in the world of business. In this post, we posed some questions to Ingrid Riley, a leading figure in the ICT/tech industry in the region, to secure her views on social media in the Caribbean. Although the man …

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May 31 2011

Dotcom 2.0: What the LinkedIn IPO could signal for the region?

In mid-May, LinkedIn launched an IPO in the United States. By the end of the first day of trading, the share price had doubled, leaving pundits to believe that the tech market is being revitalised. Could this have implications for us in the region? On 19 May, LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site, launched an …

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Apr 26 2011

Why aren’t you linked in? The value of professional networking sites

Due to the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites, many professionals are not aware of the benefits that can be derived from joining professional networking sites. This post will provide some insight on this matter and briefly discuss it from a Caribbean context. In recent years, considerable attention has been given to social …

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Feb 25 2011

12 steps to improve your privacy online – Part 1

Following from an earlier discussion on the changing perception of privacy, “Giving up the ghost”, this post, the first of a two-part series, suggests options that could be implemented to improve your privacy online.

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