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Jun 13 2014

8 new and emerging Caribbean apps

Brief profiles of eight software applications showcased at the launch of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme on 10 June 2014. On Tuesday, 10 June, the World Bank’s infoDev team launched the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme (CMIP) in Kingston, Jamaica. The programme, which is part of the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC), seeks …

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May 30 2014

5 password managers to help you remember what you cannot afford to forget

A quick review of five popular and useful password management software currently on the market. How many accounts do you have for which a password is required for successful access, or to complete a transaction? By the time you have truly finished counting, you are likely to have closer 50 than 15 when you factor …

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Apr 23 2014

6 ways to foster greener offices

Yesterday, 22 April, was Earth Day. Although there would have been a range of activities to mark that occasion, this post shares six ways to make a more lasting commitment to greening the workplace. Earth Day, which was celebrated yesterday, 22 April, is a time when greater attention is paid to the impact of humans …

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Apr 11 2014

Moving on: key considerations to change from Windows XP

With support for Microsoft Windows XP ended, users are being advised to upgrade or change the Operating System on their computing devices. Three key steps are discussed. Whether you loved it or hated it, the end of support for Microsoft Windows XP, which officially ended on 8 April 2014, signifies the end of an era. …

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Mar 14 2014

After 25 years, 5 predictions on the future of the Internet

To recognise the 25th anniversary of the Internet, we highlight some thoughts and ideas on what life and the Internet might be like in 2025. On 12 March 2014, the Internet celebrated its 25th anniversary. On that day in 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper proposing an “information management” system that conceptualized the World …

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