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Nov 06 2015

5 tips for a successful website redesign

For those of us who know our website is dated, below are five tips when preparing for the redesign process. Developing a personal or business website can an arduous and time-consuming process. In addition to deciding on matters such as layout, design, functionality, aesthetics and content, to name a few, many of us are dependent on web designers …

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Nov 04 2015

5 signs that you may need to change your business strategy

The changing workplace requires businesses, especially start-ups and micro and small businesses, to iterate and be more agile. Here are five situations when a change in strategy may be needed. In the life of any venture or business, there comes a time – even several times – when it is necessary to re-evaluate the current …

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Oct 14 2015

4 takeaways from Digicel cancelling its IPO

In light of global telecoms firm Digicel’s decision to cancel is IPO, here are four learnings from that experience. Since around June of this year, the world was put on notice that global telecoms carrier, Digicel, had planned to trade in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Though an Initial Public Offering (IPO), which was …

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Sep 16 2015

The role of the developer and the app: 4 trends and takeaways

Apple’s product announcement last week not only showcased the new devices that will be coming on stream, but also highlighted the software development space. Last week Wednesday, 9 September, global tech firm, Apple, held its annual product announcement event at which it presented its new offerings and imminent releases. As a brand, Apple is known for aesthetically …

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Aug 21 2015

5 back to school and back to work tech essentials for 2015

A quick look a a few back to school and back to work tech essentials that every student and working professional should have in his or her arsenal. This coming weekend might be the last relaxing one you and you family have until Christmas.  The summer holidays are almost over. Kids should be returning to school, …

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