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Dec 21 2016

Disadvantages and benefits of Guyana’s telecoms liberalisation efforts

A short discourse on some of the drawbacks of having an exclusive monopoly and some benefits of inviting competition in a telecoms sector Those who are regular readers of ICT Pulse, and our news roundup in particular, would be aware that over the past few years, Guyana has been eager to liberalise its telecoms sector. …

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Dec 07 2016

Top tech gifts for Christmas 2016

Top tech gift suggestions for Christmas, 2016 With Christmas just over two weeks away, and for those of us who either are still struggling to decide on a nice tech gift for that special someone, or a present for ourselves with our Christmas bonus (!), below are six gift ideas that should do the trick. …

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Oct 28 2016

4 ways to build your organisation’s digital culture

The term, digital culture, is one that is bandied about, but very few understand what it means. Here we outline four ways an organisation can build a digital culture. If you ask business leaders whether their organisations have a digital culture, though they might hesitate at first, many will reply “Yes”. To varying degrees, many …

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Sep 30 2016

4 reasons why Caribbean tech businesses should target the B2B space

Most Caribbean tech businesses tend to focus on selling to individuals and neglect the B2B space. Here are four reasons why B2B should be given more attention. Among Caribbean tech startups, it has been observed that to a considerable degree, they tend to focus on providing products and services for the individual consumer. For many …

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Sep 23 2016

10 important email security tips and practices

Before Gmail, there was Yahoo Mail, which was, and still is, popular in the Caribbean. With the theft data on over 500 million accounts stolen, we are reminding email users of basic security tips. Earlier this week, reports emerged that global technology firm, Yahoo Inc. had been hacked and data associated with over 500 million email accounts …

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