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Dec 21 2016

Disadvantages and benefits of Guyana’s telecoms liberalisation efforts

A short discourse on some of the drawbacks of having an exclusive monopoly and some benefits of inviting competition in a telecoms sector Those who are regular readers of ICT Pulse, and our news roundup in particular, would be aware that over the past few years, Guyana has been eager to liberalise its telecoms sector. …

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Oct 26 2016

In creating digital societies, is it enough to create digital citizens?

Though it is acknowledged that citizens must be empowered to harness the emerging digital economy, we discuss whether those efforts are enough to truly realise a digital society In an article published last week, a brief account was given of the several initiatives that are in the process of being implemented in the Eastern Caribbean, …

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Sep 02 2016

A quick look: the ending of a monopoly in Guyana

With the efforts underway to end GT&T’s monopoly in Guyana, we briefly examine why it has taken so long to achieve, and what to expect in the future. Although many of us across the Caribbean may take for granted the competition that exists in our telecoms sectors, there are still some countries, such as Antigua …

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Aug 15 2016

Roundup: for the week ending 14 August 2016

A roundup of the latest ICT/technology news from across the Caribbean region for the period Monday 8 August to Sunday 14 August 2016. Monday, 8 August 2016 Cable subscribers demand better service Antigua and Barbuda – Angry subscribers are demanding answers from local cable service providers, who they say are not delivering the service for …

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Aug 10 2016

How will the Caribbean be safeguarding an Open Internet?

A discussion on a recently released code of practice for telecoms operators that aims to safeguard the Open Internet and network neutrality in the Caribbean. In March this year, the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations (CANTO) published a Code of Practice on Safeguarding the Open Internet, which its members, which comprise telecoms operators from …

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