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Nov 25 2015

Are Caribbean entrepreneurs too coddled to be innovative?

Based on a recent newspaper report, a discussion on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Caribbean. In a recent panel discussion on Trinidad and Tobago based on the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, some of the panellists, which included academics and business persons, expressed the view that due to the plethora of incentives and support available …

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Nov 20 2015

Is the bottom falling out of funding for tech startups?

A discussion on what appears to be the changing investor posture around funding tech startups. In our article last month on Digicel cancelling its initial public offer (IPO) of stock on the New York Stock Exchange, one of the key reasons given for that decisions was the considerably lower market valuation, and consequently share price, …

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Nov 11 2015

Would the Caribbean get a passing grade for the state of ICTs in the region?

Based on a recent article on Jamaica’s ICT sector, the discussion is extended to the wider Caribbean for further consideration. On Monday, 9 November, The Gleaner newspaper in Jamaica published an article, “Grading Jamaica’s Information And Communication Technology Sector”, in which six well-known and experienced ICT professionals were asked to assess the local industry. In …

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Nov 06 2015

5 tips for a successful website redesign

For those of us who know our website is dated, below are five tips when preparing for the redesign process. Developing a personal or business website can an arduous and time-consuming process. In addition to deciding on matters such as layout, design, functionality, aesthetics and content, to name a few, many of us are dependent on web designers …

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Nov 04 2015

5 signs that you may need to change your business strategy

The changing workplace requires businesses, especially start-ups and micro and small businesses, to iterate and be more agile. Here are five situations when a change in strategy may be needed. In the life of any venture or business, there comes a time – even several times – when it is necessary to re-evaluate the current …

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