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Mar 10 2017

Can the tech skills crisis be solved?

An introductory discussion on ways in which we might be able to increase the supply of tech skills to meet the current and increasing demand. In today’s workforce, it is widely known that the demand of tech skills outstrips supply, and the situation is expected more acute in the future. The skills needed are diverse, …

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Mar 08 2017

4 lessons startups can learn from Uber

Recently, transportation platform, Uber, has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons. We briefly outline some of its transgressions, but more importantly some of the takeaways from those experiences. Nearly six weeks ago, and in our article, The liberalisation of services via the Internet, we, at ICT Pulse, highlighted Uber’s recent efforts …

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Mar 03 2017

Is ERP dead in the Caribbean?

Just a few years ago, Enterprise Resource Planning seemed to have been a big trend in the Caribbean; now it is no longer in the fore. Why? At least three to five years ago, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, was all the the rage in the Caribbean. Mid-sized and larger organisations were eager to introduce this …

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Feb 15 2017

The changing role of the CIO

Historically, the title, CIO, was sexy name for a head technician. However, the role has evolved considerably. In this article we highlight some of the key changes that have occurred. The role of the Chief Information Officer, CIO, and in many cases for Small and Medium Enterprises, the Information Systems Manager is changing. Traditionally, that …

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Feb 10 2017

Introducing Project Calls: an easier way to search for Caribbean project opportunities

Project Calls is making it easier to find consulting, contracting and service projects in the Caribbean. As organisations today continue to streamline their operations in order to manage costs and improve efficiency, increasingly they are divesting themselves of non-essential functions and material until they are absolutely needed. Thanks to such practices, the Caribbean now has …

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