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Oct 21 2016

Have we gotten so proficient in gaming the Internet it is losing its lustre?

In the push for traffic, viral content and revenue, has our online experience been so manipulated the Internet losing its appeal? For many of us, and if we are prepared to admit it, we are becoming fatigued by the Internet. While this by no way means that we are cutting it out of our lives …

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Oct 19 2016

Questions and learnings from the cancellation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Last week, Samsung discontinued its much loved Galaxy Note 7. Here we discuss the events leading up to that decision, and some of the learnings that have resulted. About two months ago, and to much pomp and fanfare, Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, released the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note line is a …

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Oct 14 2016

In celebration of free software

Tomorrow is Software Freedom Day, but very few Caribbean countries will be recognising its importance, and promoting it, although it is essential to many organisations in the region. For the past 12 years, and on 15 October, Software Freedom Day is celebrated worldwide. Admittedly, from the term ‘software freedom”, it may not be entirely clear …

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Oct 12 2016

Should we be putting our telcos’ feet to the fire more than we are doing now?

With the spate of disruptions to telecoms, especially Internet, service across the Caribbean, should we be holding local service providers more accountable? Over the past four to six weeks, a number of Caribbean countries, especially Jamaica, have been experiencing consistently poor telecoms, and especially Internet, service. With respect to Internet access,  generally, intermittent or fluctuating …

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Oct 07 2016

Does broadband Internet really contribute to economic growth?

A discussion of the results of a study conducted in the Eastern Caribbean on the impact of broadband Internet on economic growth. In 2015, the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), which is the regional hub of the telecoms regulatory machinery in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), commissioned a study on the Impact of …

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