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Dec 02 2016

The importance of digital personalisation in today’s marketing efforts

A brief discussion of the benefits and challenges of digital personalisation to businesses. Ultra personalisation in the delivery of goods and services is a long predicted trend that has been coming to fruition. Today, we may take it for granted with respect to, for example, product or movie recommendations made to us by Amazon or …

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Nov 09 2016

3 essentials to realise Internet economies in the Caribbean

Although virtually all countries worldwide want to have an Internet economy, many of them appear not to know how to achieve it. Here we highlight three essentials ought to be implemented. For the past several years, a key goal most countries have envisaged, having expended considerable effort to improve their telecoms and ICT infrastructure and …

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Oct 28 2016

4 ways to build your organisation’s digital culture

The term, digital culture, is one that is bandied about, but very few understand what it means. Here we outline four ways an organisation can build a digital culture. If you ask business leaders whether their organisations have a digital culture, though they might hesitate at first, many will reply “Yes”. To varying degrees, many …

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Oct 26 2016

In creating digital societies, is it enough to create digital citizens?

Though it is acknowledged that citizens must be empowered to harness the emerging digital economy, we discuss whether those efforts are enough to truly realise a digital society In an article published last week, a brief account was given of the several initiatives that are in the process of being implemented in the Eastern Caribbean, …

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Oct 21 2016

Have we gotten so proficient in gaming the Internet it is losing its lustre?

In the push for traffic, viral content and revenue, has our online experience been so manipulated the Internet losing its appeal? For many of us, and if we are prepared to admit it, we are becoming fatigued by the Internet. While this by no way means that we are cutting it out of our lives …

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