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Jul 24 2015

4 trends in telecoms/ICT regulatory reform

A quick look at four trends highlighted in the ITU’s Trends in Telecommunications Reform 2015. Earlier this month, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) published its latest Trends in Telecommunications Reform, which highlights key telecoms/ICT developments worldwide and their impact on regulation. Below four trends, from the six presented, are highlighted. 1.  Fostering competition has become more …

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Jul 15 2015

Snapshot: 2015 update on the state of telecoms in the Caribbean

An update of fixed-line, mobile/cellular and fixed-broadband Internet take up across select Caribbean countries, as of 2014. This year, 2015, marks our fifth review of telecoms services take up – in terms of subscriptions density in the fixed-line telephony, mobile/cellular and fixed broadband Internet markets – across the Caribbean. Table 1 lists the countries that …

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Jul 08 2015

3 emerging job trends and opportunities in the Caribbean telecoms space

A discussion of three job trends and opportunities that will become more evident in the Caribbean in the medium- to long-term. Generally, Caribbean telecoms is changing. From the introduction of competition in the mobile/cellular market in the Bahamas, to the inevitable restructuring that is currently occurring in countries where telecoms firms LIME and/or Flow have …

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Jul 01 2015

Snapshot: 2015 updated of mobile/cellular spend across the Caribbean

A 2015 update of our mobile/cellular spend Snapshot, to determine the extent to which mobile/cellular calling rates have changed across the Caribbean. Since 2011, we have been sharing some insights on the likely monthly spend for mobile/cellular services in the Caribbean based on pre-defined baskets of services. In this our latest exercise, we again have …

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Jun 17 2015

Snapshot: update of actual Internet download speeds from across the Caribbean, June 2015

Mean household Internet download speeds in select Caribbean countries as of 15 June 2015 (Source- Ookla)

An update of actual Internet download speeds in 28 Caribbean countries and a comparison of results recorded in March 2015. Continuing with one of our most recent additions to our “Snapshot” series, we update our findings on actual (real life) download speeds from across the Caribbean. The last review of this subject was published in …

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