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Sep 16 2016

Finger in the air: 5 reasons why Caribbean businesses are not as data-centric as they should be

Data analytics, business intelligence, market intelligence, are are buzzwords that have not truly taken root in Caribbean organisations. Here are five reasons why. Although we all know that we are living in the digital age, where information and data are increasingly critical to our daily lives, to a considerable degree and this day and age, …

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Sep 09 2016

Why hasn’t e-book publishing taken off in the Caribbean?

Although there might be an impressive catalogue of Caribbean literature, much of it is not available electronically. We discuss some reasons why. For those of us who love to read, electronic (e-)books have been a godsend. While we may miss the tactile experience of handling a printed book, or the pride of owning stacks of …

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Aug 24 2016

Free or paid airport Wi-Fi: 4 considerations

Many Caribbean airports have paid Wi-Fi access for travellers, which might allow them to win a battle, but lose the war. Increasingly, Caribbean countries have been expressing intentions to offer free Wi-Fi. Those initiatives tend to range from having free access in public spaces in major towns and cities, to 100% country-wide coverage. However, in …

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Aug 19 2016

With VoD on the scene, is cable TV on its way out?

Video on Demand services have been growing worldwide, but how much of a threat are they to our traditional cable/subscriber TV services Over the past few weeks, there have been news reports about Caribbean telecoms service providers expanding their offering to include subscription television (TV)  in a number of countries across the region.  The two …

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Aug 12 2016

Snapshot: 2016 update of e-Government in the Caribbean

A 2016 update of  the development of the e-government across the Caribbean. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) published the results of its latest e-government survey, which covers all 193 United Nations member states, including the following 16 Caribbean countries: Antigua and Barbuda; the Bahamas Barbados; Belize; Cuba; Dominica; Dominican Republic; …

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