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Jun 22 2016

2016 update on health risks associated with mobile/cellular phones

A summary of the latest findings on the possible health risks associated with prolonged mobile/cellular phone use. Last month, the results of a multi-year, peer-reviewed study conducted on rats found a link between mobile/cellular phones and cancer. The study, which was conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in the United States found … ‘low …

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Jun 17 2016

Are we becoming increasingly desensitised to social networks?

With over 10 years of exposure to social networks, have we begun to cool off them? A few thoughts and observations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, are just a few of the social network that exist, and many of us are subscribers of at least two of them. One of the early-recognised benefits …

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Jun 15 2016

5 cautions about the Caribbean’s increasing reliance on call centres and BPO

Although many Caribbean countries are looking to offshore outsourcing to rejuvenate their economies, it is not plain sailing. Here are five cautions. In these tough economic times, when unemployment is high, and traditional sectors are not generating the revenues desired, many Caribbean countries are looking to offshore outsourcing, specifically the call centre and business process …

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May 27 2016

Brimming with expectation? What Liberty Global could mean to the Caribbean

The sale of Cable & Wireless to Liberty Global has been completed. As the region waits to see what impact this new firm will have, here we share a few of our thoughts on that subject. Early in the week of 16 May, Liberty Global plc completed its acquisition of Cable & Wireless plc (CWC) …

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May 25 2016

Snapshot: 2016 update on the affordability of Internet service in the Caribbean

A 2016 update of how affordable Internet broadband service is across the Caribbean. Since May 2011, and following on from our most recent Snapshot of Internet speed and pricing, we have been regularly assessing the affordability of Internet broadband service across the Caribbean. Here, we update our findings on affordability, and discuss some of the …

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