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Feb 05 2016

Instant messaging: why is it so popular?

A brief discussion on instant messaging and three reasons why it has become so popular. Who would have thought that in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century text messaging would still be popular? While traditionally the term ‘text messaging’ referred to the Short Messaging Service (SMS) offered by mobile/cellular communications providers, …

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Feb 03 2016

4 challenges, opportunities and trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A discussion of some of the challenges, opportunities and trends anticipated during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which we are currently experiencing. Whether you realise it or not, we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0. The First Industrial Revolution occurred in the late 1700s when steam and water power were harnessed …

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Jan 15 2016

4 reasons why call centres are here to stay

Generally, call centres have a poor reputation in the Caribbean, although countries are clamouring to have them. Here are four reasons why they are still needed. For at least the past decade, Caribbean countries have been largely dependent on foreign investors to revitalise and grow their economies. Although many receive considerable support from donor agencies, …

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Jan 06 2016

How well did we do? A look back at our 2015 predictions

A review of the five ICT/tech trends we anticipated would be evident in the Caribbean in 2015. At the beginning of 2015, we published five trends we believed would become more evident in the Caribbean during the year. Whilst we are still coming to grips with 2016, we are reviewing our predictions. Do let us …

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Dec 30 2015

Top 10 articles of 2015

The top 10 most widely read articles published by ICT Pulse in 2015. Of the nearly 140 articles published on ICT Pulse so far for the year, below are the 10 most widely read in 2015: 10.  Snapshot: 2015 update of ICT network readiness in the Caribbean We have been reporting consistently on the World …

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