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Oct 07 2016

Does broadband Internet really contribute to economic growth?

A discussion of the results of a study conducted in the Eastern Caribbean on the impact of broadband Internet on economic growth. In 2015, the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), which is the regional hub of the telecoms regulatory machinery in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), commissioned a study on the Impact of …

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Oct 05 2016

The smart home in the Caribbean is closer than you think

A brief discussion of why home automation and the smart home might be realised in the Caribbean much sooner than we expect. Over the past few months, policymakers across the Caribbean have been clamouring for their countries to become smart cities and smart nations. To realise this, considerable investment in digital infrastructure, along with the …

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Sep 30 2016

4 reasons why Caribbean tech businesses should target the B2B space

Most Caribbean tech businesses tend to focus on selling to individuals and neglect the B2B space. Here are four reasons why B2B should be given more attention. Among Caribbean tech startups, it has been observed that to a considerable degree, they tend to focus on providing products and services for the individual consumer. For many …

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Sep 16 2016

Finger in the air: 5 reasons why Caribbean businesses are not as data-centric as they should be

Data analytics, business intelligence, market intelligence, are are buzzwords that have not truly taken root in Caribbean organisations. Here are five reasons why. Although we all know that we are living in the digital age, where information and data are increasingly critical to our daily lives, to a considerable degree and this day and age, …

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Sep 09 2016

Why hasn’t e-book publishing taken off in the Caribbean?

Although there might be an impressive catalogue of Caribbean literature, much of it is not available electronically. We discuss some reasons why. For those of us who love to read, electronic (e-)books have been a godsend. While we may miss the tactile experience of handling a printed book, or the pride of owning stacks of …

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