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Nov 20 2015

Is the bottom falling out of funding for tech startups?

A discussion on what appears to be the changing investor posture around funding tech startups. In our article last month on Digicel cancelling its initial public offer (IPO) of stock on the New York Stock Exchange, one of the key reasons given for that decisions was the considerably lower market valuation, and consequently share price, …

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Nov 13 2015

4 takeaways from the CWC 2015/2016 half year report

A review of the latest half year report recently released by Cable & Wireless for the period April to September 2015. Last week Cable & Wireless Communications plc (CWC) published a report on its operations covering the first half of financial year, that is the period April to September 2015. Without a doubt, the firm …

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Nov 11 2015

Would the Caribbean get a passing grade for the state of ICTs in the region?

Based on a recent article on Jamaica’s ICT sector, the discussion is extended to the wider Caribbean for further consideration. On Monday, 9 November, The Gleaner newspaper in Jamaica published an article, “Grading Jamaica’s Information And Communication Technology Sector”, in which six well-known and experienced ICT professionals were asked to assess the local industry. In …

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Oct 30 2015

Quick look: the new sustainable development goals and ICTs

Sustainable Development Goals graphic (Impact 2030)

An overview of the recently and globally adopted sustainable development goals, all of which will need ICT as a key catalyst. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), virtually everyone has heard about them and know what they are. Established in 2000, the MDGs were a formal commitment given by (at the time) all 189 United Nations (UN) member …

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Oct 16 2015

Is technology making wealth distribution more equitable?

Some initial thoughts based on views by Stephen Hawking in a recently conducted Reddit Q&A. With the relentless evolution of ICT in recent years, there has been an expectation that technology can foster wealth creation – both for individual citizens and for countries. In this new age of technology, the large corporates no longer fully …

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