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Mar 24 2017

4 ways you can improve your data analysis proficiency

Four ways non-technical employees can become more conversant in data analysis. The terms, ‘analytics’ and ‘data analytics’ are not just buzzwords in today’s business environment, Analytics is a field for which there is great demand for skilled labour, but limited supply. Moreover, that demand is projected to grow well into the future, and it is …

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Mar 03 2017

Is ERP dead in the Caribbean?

Just a few years ago, Enterprise Resource Planning seemed to have been a big trend in the Caribbean; now it is no longer in the fore. Why? At least three to five years ago, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, was all the the rage in the Caribbean. Mid-sized and larger organisations were eager to introduce this …

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Mar 01 2017

Is telecoms in the Caribbean in trouble?

A few Caribbean telecoms firms have been experiencing some challenges, which could be signs to trouble not only in individual countries but also the region as a whole. if you have been keeping an eye on the latest ICT/tech news developments over the past last week or so, such through our roundup published on Monday, …

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Feb 22 2017

Unleashing the Internet: does the Caribbean have what it takes?

Last week, the Internet Society released what is likely to be a seminal report on the Internet in the Caribbean. Here, we introduce the report to our readers. The Internet is widely recognised as being a catalyst for economic growth and development, and Caribbean countries have been eager to embrace this platform to achieve those …

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Feb 03 2017

Have your say on ICT Pulse!

We are requesting your input and feedback in ICT Pulse, as we review and possibly chart our future. Can you believe it! This past January, ICT Pulse turned six! Since our first article on 13 January 2011, we have published over 900 articles, and have touched on virtually every major ICT and telecoms issue that …

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