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Nov 25 2016

Blurred lines: real news versus fake news

Fake news is all the rage these days, and to varying degrees, we are all getting duped. Over the past week or so, there has been considerable discussion about the proliferation of fake news on the Internet, especially on social media, and the extent to which it may have affected the results of the recent …

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Nov 23 2016

Snapshot: 2016 update of the status of ICT development in the Caribbean


A 2016 update of how well Caribbean countries performed on the latest ICT Development Index published by the International Telecommunications Union. Yesterday, 22 November 2016, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) published its Measuring the Information Society Report 2016 in which it highlights key ICT developments worldwide and tracks pricing and affordability of ICT services.  The report also …

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Nov 18 2016

Cyber-defamation: are we trying to drag an old standard into a new world?

A brief discussion of defamation, and some of the challenges of trying to pursue it our online world. t an event held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last week, head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Communication Forensic and Cybercrime Unit, Inspector Warren Williams, called for cyber-defamation to be made a criminal offence. Though most of us …

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Nov 16 2016

Will software robots make humans obsolete in the workplace?

Organisations worldwide are excited about software robots, but for the ordinary Joe, there are already concerns that these robots will replace us in the workplace. We discuss the issue, and highlight an implication that should be of concern in the Caribbean. At the inaugural student conference of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados, Minister …

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Nov 11 2016

Could the recent US elections signal the death of Twitter?


The impact of Twitter in the social media-scape is beyond dispute, but is it a victim of its own success, which could jeopardise its future? Without a doubt, the impact of social media, such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to disseminate information, and to nurture a collective consciousness, cannot be underestimated. We have not only …

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