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Nov 11 2016

Could the recent US elections signal the death of Twitter?

The impact of Twitter in the social media-scape is beyond dispute, but is it a victim of its own success, which could jeopardise its future? Without a doubt, the impact of social media, such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to disseminate information, and to nurture a collective consciousness, cannot be underestimated. We have not only …

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Jun 17 2016

Are we becoming increasingly desensitised to social networks?

With over 10 years of exposure to social networks, have we begun to cool off them? A few thoughts and observations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, are just a few of the social network that exist, and many of us are subscribers of at least two of them. One of the early-recognised benefits …

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Mar 23 2016

5 ways Twitter has changed has changed the world

Launched on 21 March 2006, Twitter turned 10 years old this week. This post highlights some of the areas in which Twitter has made a lasting impact. Where would the world be without Twitter? Although Twitter’s subscriber base, at over 320 million as at December 2015 (Source: Twitter), is less than a third that of …

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Apr 15 2015

5 keys to improve your business’ ROI from social media

Although many Caribbean businesses have established social networks, rarely do they directly improve the business’ bottom line. Here are five tips that could assist. In a Caribbean newspapers last week, an observation was made that although some Caribbean businesses have hundreds of thousands of followers on their social networks, very rarely is the impact of …

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Oct 04 2013

Early thoughts on the imminent Twitter IPO

Twitter’s Initial Public Offering will soon become a reality. In the lead up to that much anticipated event, we are sharing a few initial thoughts and takeaways, for Caribbean ICT/tech businesses especially, on this new and exciting development. Although widely speculated over the past several months, yesterday, 3 October, Twitter released its Initial Public Offering …

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