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Mar 02 2012

The power of we: insights from Avaya Evolutions 2012

On 1 March, Avaya Evolutions 2012 was held in Kingston, Jamaica. This post offers some insights from some of the talks and product demonstrations featured during that event. Avaya Evolutions 2012 is one of the premier events of Avaya, a leading enterprise communications provider, which was held yesterday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, …

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Feb 07 2012

Taking your business communications to the next level

Avaya, a global leader in business/enterprise communications, will be hosting one of its top events for the year, Evolutions 2012, in Kingston, Jamaica. Today’s business environment, regardless of the size of an organization, is all about fostering productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Many are called to do more with less. Businesses must not only keep all …

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Feb 03 2012

Going the unified route? What does it mean and could it be right for your organisation?

The term “unified communications” is introduced, general pros and cons discussed, and some insight is provided into when a business should consider implementing it. Over the past few years and in more developed markets, the term “unified communications” has been gaining prominence in the business environment. However, in the Caribbean, it does not appear to …

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