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Jul 01 2011

EDGE, WiMAX, 3G, 4G: what’s the difference?

This post aims to provide some insight into some of the most widely used mobile technologies in the Caribbean, and compares their real life download speeds against each other. Recently in the Caribbean, the main mobile providers have begun to roll out “4G” services. Most mobile users are aware of “3G”, and believe their service …

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Jan 25 2011

Evolving Over the Long Term: Considerations towards implementing LTE

“LTE” is one of those terms that has been generating giddy excitement in the telecoms/mobile space: both its potential to change the mobile landscape as we know it and the reasons why mobile carriers must adopt it. Talk, however, is already moving away from LTE, to “LTE Advanced”, but many of us don’t even know what LTE is in the first place and what it might take to realise it…

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