Welcome to ICT Pulse!

This blog has been created to discuss topical Information and Communications Technology (ICT) issues from a Caribbean perspective. ICTs are critical drivers of development in the world today, and are shaping the future to be knowledge and information focussed. We have catchphrases such as “Information Society” and ‘knowledge-based society”, but many of us really do not know what they mean, how they affect use of ICT, or what is required to realise them.

Apart from a few technical specialists, most of us, even some of us who work in the industry, are not aware of nor do we understand the developments that are occurring in the ICT space. ICT is a broad area, covering topics such as computing, networking, telecoms, and broadcasting. Hence it is possible for a person to be quite versed in one subject, for example telecoms, but not fully appreciate key developments in other areas and how they might affect his/her area of interest. Alternatively, persons may have an interest in ICT and require a high-level understanding of pertinent issues without being unduly technical. There might be a wish to gain a broad understanding of ICTs, but more importantly to have possible implications to the Caribbean region discussed, as appropriate. These are some of the needs ICT Pulse aims to fulfil.

Topics that ICT Pulse plans to explore include the following:

  • telecommunications
  • broadcasting
  • computing
  • networking
  • content-related issues
  • regulation
  • new technologies and media
  • ICT for development.

As this blog becomes established the posts will be driven primarily by events and occurrences in ICT within the Caribbean region and internationally. However, there will also be posts that provide an overview of a concept, a service, or technology, which will set the foundation for future discussions.

To readers, many thanks for taking the time to read the posts. Please make your presence felt through comments on this website and/or the other social network media that are linked to this site. Here’s looking to a vibrant and healthy discussion on ICT in the Caribbean!